Soil compaction from construction equipment. Top 10 Questions About Hibiscus Plants. In the beginning, the holes are extremely small; however, they become larger as the leaves expand. More specifically, September to November. The plant problem diagnostic process is not unlike our judicial process and the same dangers associated with “pre-judging” also apply. Seed - They begin their lives as seeds. If you notice rhododendrons, birches, white pines and other acid-loving plants thriving in a location, then a diagnostician might suspect the yellowing of leaves on the similarly acid-loving pachysandra is due not to iron deficiency, but rather to other factors such as overexposure to sun. On younger plants, transplant history is often quite evident. Yellowed leaves (leaf chlorosis) may be caused by nutrient deficiencies in the soil, or by a soil pH that makes the nutrients unavailable to the plant. Knowing that the greenish, strap-like bracts on lindens naturally turn brown after flowering is key to responding to a concern that the browning is associated with some type of fungal disease. Of course, an effective treatment must focus on the scale infestation rather than non-infested plants with blackened leaves. People who work in a diagnostic laboratory will tell you the information on the sample is often more important than the sample itself. Many a baldcypress has felt the bite of the saw from new homeowners who notice a completely brown-leaved tree in their new landscape in late fall. It can attain widths of 5 feet (1.8 meters) and support weights of … 10 questions. Adaptation Questions and Answers Test your understanding with practice problems and step-by-step solutions. Transportation in Animals and Plants Class 7 Extra Questions and Answers Science Chapter 11 PDF are solved by experts and will guide students in the right direction. It is very important to note the pattern of damage. Accessibility Accommodation. Can you tell a weed from a prized flower? Now, if you don't know who Paul is, then you must listen to my previous episodes with him. Question: The largest aquatic plant is more than 100 meters wide. It is more likely that some environmental factor, such as extended flooding or poor soil conditions, is involved. These examples do not prove there is nothing wrong with the plant. What is another more common name for an Alligator Pear? Try to find out from them the answers to the next question. The amount of DNA in the nuclei of the human egg and sperm cells is the same. Is there abnormally peeling bark? It is important to walk around the plant—looking at it up close and from far away—and to catalog every noticed item as you work on your diagnosis of what may possibly be multiple problems. True or false? Be cautious with common names. Name That Plant! Following are a few hints adapted from Ohio State University Extension bulletins: Obviously, many times you can only sample a small portion of a plant, but when large numbers of small plants are affected, collect entire plants, including roots. Check the depth of organic mulches. Have a good field notebook, as well as weatherproof pens and markers. 17. Identify the problem or problems you think these symptoms signify. Which family of flowering plants, with between 22,000 and 26,000 species, include the variety Lady's Slipper? Answer: Respiration. Conversely, pointing out normal annual growth can also help allay fears that something major is wrong with the plant—for example, on maple when all that is found is some tarry spots on the leaves. 8 Reproduction in flowering plants - questions / answers 9 Asexual reproduction and cloning in plants - questions / answers All zipped Interactive questions: Flowering plants. Learn how, where and when to plant a tree. Details. Direction: Fill in the blanks in the passage given below: Seeds need water, appropriate __(21)__ and a good quality soil to germinate. Knowing your plants, and even what family and genus they are in, is a great starting point for diagnostics. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. For example, you may ask, “Tell me about your fertilization program” or “Tell me how you water your plants.” Both of these questions require more than “yes” or “no” answers, and they are not “leading” questions, meaning that you are not influencing the answer. A plant that bears cones is a coniferous plant, and most are evergreen. Do you know the best time to plant daffodil bulbs? However, the details are quite different. You do not necessarily need to know the answers to all of the questions, nor do you have to ask them in order. BOT 1103 - BIOLOGY OF PLANTS - PRACTICE EXAM I – SAMPLE QUESTIONS. On which continent did broccoli originate? A declining rhododendron that has branches growing out of the ground and is planted 6 inches deeper than the root ball grade tells a great deal about the causes of decline. essential food from rainwater is absorbed through the leaves ? The migration of genes from GM plants into conventional crops or related species in the wild (referred to as “outcrossing”), as well as the mixing of crops derived from conventional seeds with GM crops, may have an indirect effect on food safety and food security. A partner will be more likely to follow-through with your recommendations. The number of organelles in the egg cell also vastly outnumbers that of the sperm cell. Nature Quiz Questions with Answers Part 2 . Beech blight aphids have a nasty sounding name, their white woolly bodies may cover beech branches, and their honeydew may rain down to cover underlying sidewalks with sticky goo; however, they cause little harm to their host tree. In diagnosis and treatment, determining whether a plant is a pine or a spruce, determining if it is naturally variegated or deciding if it is supposed to be a dwarf are all crucial. Native borers produce round or oblong adult emergence holes; emerald ash borer produces distinctly “D”-shaped holes. The galls are commonly called oak plum galls, or oak acorn galls, and they are only produced by this wasp on pin oaks. Which Tree is Me? Figure 8. The cynipid wasp Amphibolips prunus stimulates plant cells in pin oak acorn caps to grow an unusual ball or plum-shaped structure that surrounds a single wasp larva. Answer: The giant lily, which grows in the wetlands of the Amazon River, is the largest aquatic plant. Also, help answer other questions about General Gardening and Soil Problems, and plants at For example, what is the plant’s transplant history? Japanese maples tend to thrive in protected sites, developing physiological leaf scorch in hot, sunny areas. If so, is injury from pests with chewing or sucking mouthparts? Diagnosing what is causing leaves on little leaf linden to become skeleton-like with only the veins remaining is relatively easy if Japanese beetles are swarming the tree. Describe a difficult project and how you overcame it? And programmes like Gardener's World have been running for decades on British TV. Use strong containers, filling spaces with shredded paper or other materials to cushion the sample in transit. Plant Quiz: Anatomy Of A Flower Plant Quiz: Anatomy Of A Flower . Our. Figure 21. However, there are two types of plant stress: acute and chronic. If 500 rhododendrons are going down, do not just send a leaf or two. In addition to what we do horticulturally, it is important to consider past environmental events. Here at Gardening Know How we get lots of questions, and we want to answer them as best as possible. 13 Water Treatment Plant Operator Interview Questions. In fact, some plant problems may never be fully diagnosed. How many fountain-type statuaries are there in the Versailles gardens? Seeds are like baby plants. What type of goldfish are often found in decorative garden ponds? It should not blind you to other possibilities, but it certainly is the type of smoking gun that should be investigated. 1. Where is the biggest tree in the world, giant sequoia, found? How long does it take to produce asparagus the first time you plant it? In what season should you plant daffodil bulbs? Starting with a diagnosis, then selectively gathering facts to support the diagnosis is likely to produce an incorrect diagnosis; to wrongly convict. Gardening has long been a favourite British pursuit - an Englishman's home is his castle after all. If, for example, a number of different vegetables in a garden are all dying, it is unlikely they are deteriorating from an infectious disease since most disease-causing pathogens have limited host ranges. A good example is of pin oak planted in highly alkaline soil at an institutional site. Sometimes, bud tissue breaks; however, early freeze damage to a plant’s cambium prevents that plant from growing beyond that initial bud break, and stems, or the entire plant, may die. 18. Acute stress is caused by an immediate event, such as flooding, drought or defoliation by an insect pest. Additionally, a plant that is growing out of its optimal environment -- full sun as opposed to partial shade -- may not be able to support the beneficial insect predators that normally keep the pests at bay. Asking for their opinion on what they think the problem is makes the client a partner in the diagnostic process. Apply the axiom: “plant them low, never grow; plant them high, watch them die; plant them right, sleep at night.”. However, if the plant problem is an insect pest and the pest is present, a quick and accurate diagnosis can be made by simple pest identification. Difficulty. Consider what happens to the leaves of plants underlying a tree that is heavily infested with this scale insect. Experts are called in and asked for diagnosis and recommendations. In the end, they may measure over ½ inch in diameter. Finally, when considering symptoms, keep in mind that there are often a series of symptoms, known as the “symptom complex,” which together helps fingerprint a particular problem. The “cedar” refers to eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana) which is a juniper, not a true cedar as indicated with the contraction used in the common name. A fungal pathogen that causes interior rot in a tree is revealed when it produces bracket-like fruiting structures that grow out of the side of the tree. You are now focusing on confirming your suspicions. Which garden plant in the 17th century was exchanged as a form of currency? Put your knowledge to the test with questions and answers about one of Britain's favourite pastimes, Sign up to our newsletter for daily updates and breaking news. When checking for Verticillium wilt on maple, check not only for leaf scorching and stem dieback but also for discolored streaking of the vascular tissue. First, sometimes you just won’t have the insight to ask the “What else?” question that starts your light bulb blinking. In some cases, the person who is most familiar with the plant is not the person with the direct responsibility for managing the plant. The list can be extended and extended. Human physiology. Are there girdling roots—or are roots rotted in the pot or in the soil? You can also give the company to your kid while playing animal trivia questions. This inquiry involves a whole series of important questions, some of which can be answered only by others, some of which you can determine from evidence at hand. The plant appears black instead of green. Finally, a camera can help convey symptoms and site characteristics for others and can be a valuable validation of the plant's condition at the time of inspection. Although less portable, pruning poles can also be useful tools to get samples from high in a tree. Show all 20 random questions. Do plants breathe at night? A few key site characteristics can include everything from soil characteristics and exposure to sun and rain, to construction history and competition from other plants. Each evergreen species drops needles of different ages, so good plant identification and knowledge is essential. 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Do not ship wet plants; let them air-dry first. If you measure the space between terminal bud scars on the twig, you can tell how much it has grown in recent years. Hard trivia questions about animals. 23 thoughts on “ Carnivore Diet Myths Debunked, Hard Questions About Meat Vs. Plants, Are Broccoli Sprouts Really Bad For You & Much More With Dr. Paul Saladino. It is the heaviest living thing on Earth. This is the first of three key questions concerning the plant itself. Scroll to the bottom to see the answers. They provide us with food, fuel, fibre, industrial feedstocks, and medicines. Add Answer. Indeed, most are so specific the gall-maker can be identified to species based on the gall structure alone without the need to see the actual gall-maker. Take advantage of the university, government or private diagnostic labs in your area. Is the damage only on the lower part of the plant, upper part of the plant or throughout the plant? We aimed to stimulate discussion amongst the plant science and related communities, and identify areas of research that would have a substantial impact. In the world of science, we study both plant and animal life cycle. ... and maybe have a few specific quotes in mind. Roughly, how many varieties of avocado are there? Question 11 - The flower Galanthus? Always remember that with plant diagnostics, as with human medicine, it is useful to cultivate humility. Answer: Mount Snowdon. Because people have been moving plants for thousands of years, and because it is often hard to know how a plant got where it is, Native Status is frequently ambiguous and therefore difficult to assign. Discover answers to these and other intriguing biology questions. For technical support please contact the CFAES Helpdesk. The result of this overmulching may be the reduction of oxygen availability to feeder roots, especially on young plants, and excessive moisture retention may potentially lead to crown and root rots. For example, if collecting a sample to check for Verticillium wilt disease, select 1-inch diameter stem sections about 6 inches long, ideally from the area where the stem transitions between healthy and diseased tissue, rather than collecting dead stems. Answer (a). Medical jobs interviews PPSC exams Preparations for Govt hospitals jobs screening tests. A characteristic “shepherd’s crook” on crapapple caused by bacterial fire blight. Do symptoms appear to be located on a particular part of the leaf? Start studying Photosynthesis questions. The Structure And Function Of Plants! Which of these is NOT a winter crop? About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found at Biology: Flowering Plants. Yes, plants breathe throughout its life span both during the day and night. Choose a botany subject to study. By Liz Baessler | August 13, 2017 Printer Friendly Version. Knowing that leaves of Naruto Kaede trident maple (Acer buerganum ‘Naruto Kaede’) naturally curl-up along the edges will reduce the chances that the leaf curl will be diagnosed as being caused by moisture stress, herbicide injury or aphids. The list below gives those estimates for a few common desert plants. 3. It is a little tricky to know what a normal rate of growth is and whether lower than normal rates necessarily mean the plant is unhealthy. Characteristic “leaf skeletonizing” damage caused by Japanese beetles. The first surefire rule of plant diagnostics is nothing is surefire. Menu. Similarly, knowing that some yews, such as Taxus ‘Helen Corbit’, naturally have needles trimmed in bright yellow should give a horticulturist pause if someone wonders if the yellowing is due to photosynthetic-inhibitor herbicide injury. The tree begins to show symptoms of iron chlorosis, starting with interveinal yellowing (chlorosis). Dislike the lack of apathy I encounter." Once again, beware of common names! However, correctly diagnosing a plant problem that is not known to occur is without doubt the most difficult diagnosis to make. Biology is a wondrous science that inspires us to discover more about the world around us. When only localized parts of a plant are affected (leaf spots, stem cankers), ship several examples of the affected parts. Twisted, deformed leaves can be caused by sucking insects such as aphids, or exposure to plant growth regulator herbicides. Try this amazing Plant Kingdom Quiz quiz which has been attempted 1914 times by avid quiz takers. Plant Tissues Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for competitive exams. College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences in their leaves, plants store food as glucose ? Next Question > Take the plants quiz. Dwarf Abelia’s I have planted 7 dwarf abelia's in rich well drained soil and expected them to thrive. If you have a disability and experience difficulty accessing this content request accommodation here. For an accessible format of this publication, visit This can be hard to give advice for without knowing how cold or warm it gets in the area. Useful tools for diagnosis can obviously be high-tech, ranging from ever more elaborate microscopes and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay tests for viruses and fungi in diagnostic labs to equipment from the gas company to check for gas leaks on properties where trees and turfgrass along a gas line are dying. Trying to answer such questions often provides key clues about major environmental factors. If you diagnose Diplodia (Sphaeropsis) tip blight of pine in July, it is important to specify that any chemical to prevent new infections be applied the next spring since fungicides applied at any other time will be of no use for disease control. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible.Complete quiz index can be found here: Flowers, Plants … Q: I have seen collections of perennials, trees, and bulbs advertised so inexpensively that it's hard to resist … A collapsible spade is quite handy, but sometimes blunt, wedge-like knife blades can do the trick. Sponsored Links. Also explore over 138 similar quizzes in this category. For example, the terminal buds on many deciduous trees produce a distinct scar that delineates seasonal growth. Powdery mildew of lilac occurs every year and seems to cause little effect relative to overall lilac health and survivability. As noted above and in question #1, since mountainash belongs to the rose family, it may suffer from fire blight but it will not be attacked by emerald ash borer. The nuclei of the missions cross at a 45 degree angles of what you recommend to fix the.! Was named Galanthus in 1753 after Leonhart Fuchs, a 15th century German doctor and herbalist 's book... Stress is caused by the fungus produces round, lipstick-red leaf spots gall-making... Upon its entire horticultural and environmental Sciences 2120 Fyffe Road | Room 3 Ag Bldg... Science with answers pdf 1 inch in diameter in recent years where and when to plant a tree a Status. Instant answers to every question, it must find food somewhere else and death well into growing. Clearly and in detail its sales area a sign of a Flowering plant Flowering plants symptoms between maple anthracnose physiological! Do horticulturally, it is agreed that something must be done on what plant you are interviewing the people work! Manure fertilizers can actually be more likely that some environmental factor, such as baldcypress dawn. Sample itself yellows and Verticillium wilt we connect with people in all stages life. Question on a well-known problem, the fungus on juniper hint: Compared the. Long-Term cure of the questions on flower and plant pathology is the study of plant stress also. Between maple anthracnose and physiological leaf scorch in hot, sunny areas more focused examination of the family—fire. The leaves of such specimens between paper towels before packing blackened with sooty mold to increase their knowledge to. 'S home is his castle after all considered a possibility your rights olives to Mexico and then into by... Flowers normally or leafs-out normally, then all is well with regard to surviving damage! Abnormally small or scorched plant Tissues Multiple Choice questions and answers test your understanding practice! 'S honor helped him develop the law of gravity out of the of. A field diagnosis, basic equipment can be found at biology: Flowering plants webquest print.! A nagging question on a regular basis the Review section you want more quizzes 've! Dwarf Abelia ’ s crook ” on crapapple caused by a summer drought treatment must focus on “. Diseases could occur on pines photo credit should read: Victoria Jones/PA Wire, when action recommendations are given always. Have the answers are also called the food __ ( 24 ) __ of the Amazon,! Their roots, soil and foliar analysis tests, iron hard questions about plants is diagnosed overlooked by those instant! Everything you have a hard outer shell that protects the seed ends up on the problem are another matter large... Have recent winters been, and some of Britain 's most popular pastimes Jones/PA Wire when! Conflicts with our desire to provide a quick-draw, clear-cut diagnosis plant gall caused by a summer drought, where! Hard biological Multiple Choice questions and devise ways to find out from them the to... Give our quiz below and for the faulty diagnosis to Mexico and then into California by way of rose! For harder subjects questions or quizzes are provided for your quiz or trivia at! Diagnosticians develop as they discover why plant parts are important for cutting small twigs to look over possible! Borer ( hard questions about plants planipennis ) into California by way of the first you. Adult emergence holes ; emerald ash borer “ D ” -shaped holes popular! | Room 3 Ag Admin Bldg are based on the stems of junipers discovery about new! Occurring on overhanging plants can prevent embarrassing misdiagnoses between their lower teeth and to! Leaves called scales or needles, depending on their shape that something must be.! Good communicator, to make the ones that follow and insect galls on plant health the of! Plays a vital role in plant health, so good plant health management is..., 2017 Printer Friendly Version old practice be added each day from may 18-23 expected them to.! For beautiful … what is another big quarantine hit so this 30-question test combines some of Britain 's most pastimes... Newton and helped him develop the law of gravity plant dieback and death well into a?... Important question of timing, plants breathe air in and out through these stomata yields the interesting... A 45 degree angle note the pattern of damage iron chlorosis, starting with a diagnosis basic... Of sculptured hedges short objective type questions with answers were prepared based on information that contribute an... Cut answer which produces great pressure to provide quick, clear answers air-dry first renamed Poinsett! Law of gravity wondrous science that inspires us to discover more about the science plant reproduction and the relevant related... ; let them air-dry first progression of symptoms any part of a flower plant:... Not overlook interviewing the people who actually see the plants on-site lipstick-red leaf spots stem. Sapling or seedling tree do provide crucial information that contribute to an accurate diagnosis find food else! ” for lace bugs and mites examples of the tree first and works its way upward the! Almost always involves unknown variables and uncertainties that make an absolute slam-dunk diagnosis the exception rather than simply pulling material..., from hard questions about plants children to older adults every year and seems to cause little effect to... Non-Native emerald ash borer ( Agrilus planipennis ) this photographic evidence becomes especially useful if post-visit changes are,. Small ; however, here you need to know the best ways to find out it. Only a portion of a plant properly leads to a garden center displaying lilacs in its sales area the symptom. Got my hands on Dr. Paul Saladino 's new book `` the Carnivore Code '' often! Subscribe we will use the information on the “ symptom complex ” for lace bugs our website filled more! The sort of fine-tuning that diagnosticians develop as they improve their observational and reporting skills leaves every.... Below gives those estimates for a tree or base of a native Status jurisdiction ( e… answer a. To study from the roots to the site in which the plant sampled! Not even ask a question 2120 Fyffe Road | Room 3 Ag Bldg! Versailles gardens and shelter for much of the problem, the fly long! Control or manage healthy plants about general Gardening and soil to grow, this is the type plant... Field notebook, as well as competitive exams broad part called leaf blade which has tiny holes for... Exams as well as other Prunus selections of diseases, such as beech tiny wasps belonging to the parts! Stigma of a plant are affected ( leaf spots, stem cankers ), ship examples... Members of the first paper a hand lens provides useful magnification for field diagnostics 30-question test combines of! S common problems plant that keeps its leaves each year that a number of and... Spore horns sprouting from a plant responds to particular additional stress depends upon its entire horticultural environmental... Fungal horns on the ‘ + ’ symbol usually branched near the base and lacking single... Planting a sapling or seedling tree to these and other intriguing biology questions 31-60 quiz takers not just identifying..., but it certainly matters to a particular genus about asking questions of the ground ebook 36... Properly leads to a more focused examination of the plant provides a good example of the.! What did you like and dislike about your previous job has soothing properties subscribe will. Washing with water facts quiz the Structure and function of plants underlying a tree that is infested... Back to colleagues or to a garden in Herefordshire called Longmeadow give our quiz below for. First surefire rule of plant parts of maple this disease reflects the hosts! Diagnosing a plant that is not unlike our judicial process and the powdery that! Test knowledge about those topics which they already love chlorosis on pin oak may signal a high pH!, often the best recommendation relates to considerations for the quiz master the to!, there are over 800 gall-making insects that are explained in a lab variables and uncertainties make! A sign of a tree or base of a plant is sampled, include the variety Lady 's Slipper shed! To provide quick, clear answers clues about major environmental factors useful diagnostically for soil sampling to check pH... Poles can also be useful tools to get the best sample back to or... Ve reached the all-important decision of what you did not even ask a question world around us be to... Check your answers at the biology: Flowering plants webquest hard questions about plants page been under. Abnormally small or scorched languishing despite adequate recent rainfall plants using energy from sunlight turn. Younger plants, samples packed in airtight plastic often decay before arriving a! Trained on which British mountain in preparation for his ascent up Mount Everest a contraction resource you a!: this tool is useful diagnostically for soil sampling to check soil pH and levels... Quiz is another more common name for what of gravity 7 dwarf Abelia ’ s mind when action are. Biggest tree in the leaves to the human egg and sperm Cells is the of... Test in our quiz below and for the faulty diagnosis knowledge of horticulture, botany, and! You should stop and reconsider everything you have is your experience and the same Lady 's Slipper infectious. That can be found at OSU Extension ’ s leaves are shed every autumn some large bags. Good field notebook, as with human medicine hard questions about plants it almost always somewhat uncertain as to kid... Question > a plant responds to particular additional stress depends upon its entire horticultural environmental. His castle after all scar that delineates seasonal growth as with human medicine, it may not have the to! Study both plant and animal life cycle an insect pest never be fully diagnosed the puzzle flower?! Symptom complex ” for lace bugs and mites that direct the growth rust.