In September 2015, the third generation Smart Fortwo Coupe (C453) launched in the United States for the 2016 model year. {grin}. Use a high-performance air filter. Even a used Smart Car is not a disposable car. in my 92 civic at 2300lbs with 4 cylinders got 42 average(combined). From routine maintenance to breakdown assistance, we're dedicated to keeping you and your smart happy on the road. It produces 290 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque to the wheels thanks to a Garrett GT28 turbocharger making 15 psi of boost. Awesome suggestion, Novak! There are some really good commercial quality ones, like BG's 44k or Wynn's Powercharge, that you can get from your local garage (assuming they don't buy the cheaper ones) or you can just buy some Techron at your local Chevron filling station. With a design focused on a modern microcar with an electric or hybrid drive, VW vacillated, disputes with Hayek ensued, and Hayek turned to Mercedes. On long trips, especially, I can get 20+ MPG (which is horrible, I agree, but adds an extra 100+ miles between tank fillups). Get it up around 60 mpg and they'll sell like hotcakes. Watch our how-to videos to get step-by-step instructions on everything from the media and audio systems to the engine … Its engine displacement is one liter, and it has three cylinders. I own a 2001 600cc petrol engine 450 ForTwo with a knackered engine. Select cars to narrow search Basics Bench Testing Chassis Diagnostics & Coding Electrical Engine Exterior Hints & Tips ICE Info Interior LEDs Misc Panels Reviews Servicing Team Evil Water Ingress Wheels Wiring & Pinouts X-Gauge Most European smart fortwo fans have probably heard of the numerous bike engine conversions done all over the old continent, with the “smartuki” engine kits being the most prevalent. Car pooling is great if you can find someone you can not only get along with, but also share the same or similar (and consistent!) anyone interested in selling theirs? The intelligent four-seater for the city: the smart EQ forfour – seats four with plenty of space. [65][66] The average wait used to be 12 to 18 months for delivery; although due to economic conditions at the time, many buyers couldn't purchase the vehicles when they were ready for delivery and many were available on dealer lots. Sold it and dropped the male ego and bought my 2008 Smart for 9k with 16 grand on it and even sold it for another Nissan G-35...took it back and got my Smart car back! We have customised many cars over the years, always aiming to match customers’ requirements with our own expertise and experience. We all need smart cars with the price of gasing going insanely high. After reading this article, I have to point out a gross error. $5.00 shipping. Believe it or not, the bed of your truck creates its own circular pattern of air that actually makes the truck bed less wind-resistant (a good thing). [citation needed], The Fortwo was rated as the most fuel efficient two-seater car in the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 2008 Fuel Economy Guide, with fuel efficiency ratings of 33 mpg‑US (7.1 L/100 km; 40 mpg‑imp) city and 41 mpg‑US (5.7 L/100 km; 49 mpg‑imp) highway. I just wonder what happens if they get kicked off the freeway by an 18 wheeler. We've had it for almost one month and we've fallen in love with it. Significant upgrades, including power steering, eight airbags, alarm, Bluetooth capability and crosswind assist technology were made standard. Evilution, the smart car encyclopaedia, full of information for fixing and modifying your smart car. That's around 54 miles per gallon. Brabus (styled BRABUS) is a sport package that include a sport exhaust with dual center tips, sport suspension, 16- front and 17-inch rear wheels, power steering and various Brabus visual cues. US variants are offered in four trim levels: Pure, Passion, Prime and Proxy. The range received a minor interior facelift for model year 2011 with standard knee airbags, new instrument cluster, more extensive cloth trimming for the top of the instrument panel, circular rather than rectangular outboard dash vents, optional multimedia system with a 6.5" display, and optional surround-sound audio system. By 1998, Smart had released its first model, the Smart City-Coupe; this small hatchback featured seating for two people, along with rear-wheel drive and a rear engine. For em I've even seen a road test that achieved 80 mpg. Read smart car reviews and compare smart prices and features at 700 miles on 13 gallons? We use it as a piece of advertising on the road and it works. The EQ Fortwo is the only model sold by Smart. This is a good idea with the price of gas always climbing up. Tire pressure is of a concern, also. The first and second-generation Fortwo models employ an automated manual transmission, designed and manufactured by Getrag, where the clutch is computer-controlled via electrohydraulics, eliminating the need for a clutch pedal. [citation needed] There is a Japan-only variant of the first generation Smart Fortwo, called the Smart K. The smart fortwo was introduced in Canada in September 2004 and sold through Mercedes-Benz dealers. jimcrowthers (author) from Port Charlotte on January 18, 2012: I guess it is, indeed, too early to tell if the Smart Car will last ten or more years on the road like my truck has. When MCC abandoned the original concept and the planned electric or hybrid drive, both Hayek and senior development team members left the project. Have you seen those small, funny-looking cars reminiscent of the '70s oil crisis? If I may, allow me to suggest that you pay attention to how often you use your brakes. I think they got a bad wrap in the late 70's and early 80's. The 451 fortwo carries a 1.0-litre engine that delivers up to 70 horsepower (52 kW) and a re-engineered automated-manual 5-speed transmission with a slightly larger body. Smart car is an Italian exotic car that usually gets a lot of attention on the road. The company MCC (Micro Compact Car AG) was founded in 1994 by Hayek in Biel as a joint subsidiary of Daimler-Benz and SMH SA (Société Suisse de Microélectronique et d'Horlogerie). I am getting rid of my 05 X5 which is getting bet. I invite you to correct my grammar and spellng (or facts, for that matter). From what I have read about the Smartcar, it's 10 times safer that that Honda was. BUSH CHENEY!! With an overall length (first generation: 2.5 m (98.4 in)) approximately equal to the width of regular parking space, a Smart Fortwo can park perpendicularly in spaces typically designed for parallel parking, allowing two Smarts to park in one space—a manner of parking not permissible in many jurisdictions worldwide (e.g. It's a bit jerky. The number one, easiest, cheapest way to increase any car's gas mileage is to check your air pressure. We love driving motorcycles, bikes, and sports bikes in the streets and on the outskirts of the city. Still, don't forget that making a Smart Car still costs the environment quite a bit in energy and raw materials, resources that keeping your old vehicle wouldn't consume. Well, it's always better to be bigger in an accident. how does a 1600lb(and, however the crap that works out for how small it is) 3-cylinder vehicle get a lousy 40mpg??? The Smart EDs have a lithium-ion battery provided by Tesla Motors with capacity of 14 kilowatt-hours (50 MJ) initially, 17.6 kilowatt-hours (63 MJ) later. Loved it. Specialists for smart fortwo, smart forfour, smart roadster coupe and smart roadster parts & accessories including smart Brabus. We took mu wife's 2009 to LA fro Santa Cruz ,Ca.....round trip just over 700 miles in 13 gallons! Remember, I checked the tire pressure (the one with the screw embedded, then plugged, needed around 15 extra PSI), and started driving much less aggressively. [62] A reservation program was launched by Smart USA in March 2007. Does that hurt anything? In 2015, Smart announced a cabriolet version of the Smart Fortwo at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Motor Trend reported prior to its introduction that the third generation was to share approximately 70% of its parts with the third generation Renault Twingo. Bueller's Way from Massachussetts on June 01, 2008: Good info. The Smart car didn't have an easy time in the early days of the brand. Research 2020 Smart fortwo pricing, specs, read our expert reviews or compare it against your favourite cars. Marketed in 46[7] countries worldwide, Fortwo production had surpassed 1.7 million by early 2015. Either they smoke, or they can't stay or leave when I would like them to. Niche Content, I agree. With the second generation, Smart introduced a version with automatic start-stop, marketed as the MHD, or Micro-Hybrid Drive—offered only in certain markets. Riding back from lunch, I saw a guy driving a Smart Car, and he was either too tall for it, or the car was too small for him. Both the coupe and cabrio electric drive models lost the electric drive badges front and rear and received smart EQ fortwo badges in their place, and received updated graphics in the optional smart Media-System.[57]. for people who drive Smart Cars, though. jimcrowthers (author) from Port Charlotte on May 26, 2011: I'm with you, BigTim. The first generation used a six-speed version, and the second generation uses a five-speed version, model 5AMT130. Kathy from The beautiful Napa Valley, California on May 14, 2012: This is GREAT information...and guess what? Can anyone help, not sure it’s normal. [55], The smart fortwo cabrio features removable roof bars that stow into an integrated storage space in the fortwo's rear tailgate. The 2016 Smart Fortwo also received a new engine, the 0.9 liter 3-cylinder turbocharged unit making 89 horsepower and 100 pound-feet of torque as standard. When I heard about electric cars, two things that come to my mind are its safety in environment and savings on money because of fuel. The Smart Fortwo (stylized as "smart fortwo") is a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger hatchback microcar manufactured and marketed by the Smart division of the German multinational Daimler AG, introduced in 1998, now in its third generation. Not that I drive as much now because I work from home, but one important tip I heard about is to fuel up in the morning or late at night when its cool because gas expands in higher temperatures and you pay by volume. Grey, beige and brown tops were marketed as BRABUS tailor made soft tops. The passion cabriolet comes equipped with a fully electronic convertible top and … An alternative to the Smart, which offers the same great MPG without the terrible looks, is the Volkswagen Fox. But I made 9 round trips from Kansas City to Atlanta in that little car and it did great. Thanks a lot for your comment, Zsuzsy Bee! [10] The Fortwo nameplate derives from its two-person seating capacity. ... is the turn key “kit” including the smart car or does the car have to be bought Separately. [8], In 2002, the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) introduced a first generation Fortwo into its permanent collection (the only vehicle to be included into the collection while still in series production),[16] and in 2014 the Fortwo was voted the Best Microcar for the fifth year in a row by readers of the Chinese edition of Auto, Motor und Sport. When removed, these roof bars allow for a fully open-air driving experience. New all-electric Smart EQ priced from £16,850. However, unless you're going muddin', don't purposefully get heavily treaded tires. So, are you better off buying a Smart Car over keeping your 1998 V8? Most of the cheapie stuff you get from parts stores is junk and formulated for the least amount of risk, meaning, the manufacturer doesn't want to take a chance that your system is old and neglected. No issues with over 30,000 miles on it. Several of these "Diablo Smart Cars" gained popularity in racing. Does that wipe out the savings you get from the fuel efficiency? EPA estimated range was 58 miles, and the vehicle was rated at 124 MPGe City, making it the most efficient 2 seat vehicle on sale in the USA. Worldwide shipping of car parts & accessories. jimcrowthers (author) from Port Charlotte on January 21, 2011: 100% agree with you on all points. This Smart car appears to be quite a handful to keep under control. This was in reference to the Noble being a front-engine, front-wheel-drive car, while the Fortwo is a similar sized rear-engine and rear-wheel-drive car. A cop of 33 years is very commendable, and I salute you. Replace tires at 50K and will probably do the brakes at 70. I accidentally added 4 gallons of regular gas to my Smart For Two. Actually, they're among the safest cars on the road in the compact category. Another thing is since it is European, it doesn't take Premium Unleaded gas, it takes the usual unleaded gas that most people use (the cheapest choice). The 451 has sold very well in Canada: over 12,600 were registered between the start of 2008 and the end of 2012. An improper alignment makes your engine work harder and ruins your tires! [72] A BRABUS Sport Package was also added for 2017 for Fortwo Coupe and Cabrio models, adding unique front and rear body styling, wheels, interior appointments and a retuned sport suspension. I've had it since 2008 and this is the first time I made that mistake. Great article. Smart EQ Fortwo at Geneva International Motor Show 2018, Fortwo Cabrio Electric Drive (Now Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio). It is a great commuter car and it is nice to be getting around 49 miles per gallon. SUVs. In 2016, Mercedes-Benz decided to discontinue offer of the fortwo in Brazilian market, hence Brazilian customers never had the option of the 453. The "20 Cents Rule" is also introduced for deciding which fuel to purchase. Designed under the direction of Kai Sieber with designer Michael Gebhardt, the third generation made its worldwide debut on July 16, 2014,[5] having been jointly developed with Renault. I can't see paying for higher octane gas for a car that still only gets 40 mpg. In April 2008, Smart premiered at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show. They get great gas milage and run fine on 87 Octane. Those smart cars are pretty neat, and I am surprised they are so safe. Elizabeth. However, a truck bed cover eliminates this problem altogether. Pete Michner from Virginia on June 30, 2008: Great article! And, I agree, the gas bills for my truck are somewhat insurmountable, but I sure feel safe in it. The third generation is available as the 3-door 2-seater (internally designated as the C453 build series)[3] and 5-door 4-seater (internally designated the W453 build series), marketed as the Fortwo and Forfour, respectively. From air intakes and suspension systems to racing seats and performance chips – we have it all and much more to make functional or aesthetic improvement to your Smart Car. It was weird to pull into the parking lot and see two brand new trucks in it, especially in a time an inflated oil prices. Don't forget to take that into consideration when forking your precious money over to the dealer. [17] At the time of its commercial launch, the Smart Fortwo diesel-engined variant, the Cdi, had the world's lowest carbon dioxide emissions for an internal combustion engine, at 88 grams per kilometer rated NEDC cycle.[18]. I have problems with each of these. Both the 50- and 61-hp engines are three cylinder engines, with cooled turbochargers. I'll let you know when I finally have to fill up again what the final verdict is. jimcrowthers (author) from Port Charlotte on May 31, 2008: I've been working on trying to find a sound energy (and enviromental) strategy for this country, and I hope it won't require many sacrifices, while still being more energy independent and increasing our national security. They seat 4 adults comfortably, according to a friend whose son bought one. [45], The third-generation Smart electric drive was scheduled to be launched in the U.S. and Europe by the second quarter of 2013 and Daimler AG plans to mass-produce the electric car with availability in 30 markets worldwide. Smart Clone Importers Violate Court Injunction at Bologna Motor Show", "Daimler loses - Greek court rules in favor of Chinese smart fortwo clone",, Articles with dead external links from November 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2014, Articles needing additional references from April 2014, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Exclusive Sapphire Blue Metallic body panels, mirror caps, tridion cell, and grille, 16-Inch BRABUS Monoblock VII Wheels in Matte Anthracite Grey, BRABUS-created edition exterior badging in place of the line badge, Custom-stitched '10th anniversary' BRABUS floor mats, This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 10:18. Austria, New Zealand and California[23]). On the passenger side and the driver's side. It takes about 3.5 quarts of oil, including the filter. A lower-powered 59 bhp engine will follow later. Search for new & used smart cars for sale in Australia. Smart Fortwo features and specs at Car and Driver. A sport model, marketed as the Brabus model, has been available in both generations, and Daimler introduced the Smart electric drive, an all-electric version, in 2007. For its size, it really should get much better mileage. The Smart Roadster was never meant to be a hardcore sports car. A new 7.2 kW onboard charger was added, and Smart advertised a charging time of 2.5 hours at a 240 V electrical outlet. By using our site, you consent to our use of cookies. The year 2018 marked 10 years of Smart Fortwo sales in the United States, and the brand offered a special 10th anniversary edition specific to the United States market to celebrate. The Yugo was a disposable car but the Smart Car is not. Originally the basic petrol engine was 599 cc, and came in three versions—45 hp (33 kW), 51 hp (38 kW) and 61 hp (45 kW). Smart Life expectancy I've got close to 60k on mine after 3 years. As I walk around and see some places where Smarts are parked, I know their owners/drivers must have felt victorious, reprieved, as they locked the door and walked home or to the office, knowing that all the other suckers are still out there circling the blocks, looking for a space big enough, or else for someone to be just leaving a spot. Following our tuning tips you will avoid many of the common mistakes and actually achieve the car setup you desire. Do you have a lot of heavy items in the storage areas of the vehicle? Miles per gallon needs to be equated with the type of driving. That's the speed you slow down to when passing through a school zone? We have customised many cars over the years, always aiming to match customers’ requirements with our own expertise and experience. The Cabrio model makes use of the same gasoline engine and transmissions as the C453 Fortwo Coupe. In September 2006, Daimler AG announced that Smart USA, a division of Penske Auto Group[61] would officially distribute Smart in the United States and Puerto Rico. The ignition system is responsible for actually burning the fuel that makes an engine work. [82], In May 2009, a Greek judge ruled against Daimler, allowing the Noble to be sold in Greece. UK prices for the new all-electric Smart EQ range has been confirmed – and its postion as the one of the cheapest usable electric cars on sale right now has... Best car leasing deals for young drivers. Passion Cabriolet. Canada received three special versions of the 450 cdi: the grandstyle—only available in dark green with silver, and beige leather—of which 200 were imported in coupé and cabriolet forms, the BRABUS nightrun—equipped with BRABUS accessories at the Hambach factory, which only came as a black on black (with blue-grey leather) coupé, and 50 of those were delivered, and finally the BRABUS Tailor Made Canada 1 models, of which only four were produced, three red on red and one white on white, all with highest equipment levels and all BRABUS accessories, high-quality dyed-through leather and Alcantara interiors. When I come out of the store there is a circle of guys around it. Hi there just chasing a smart fortwo w451 turbo coupe I'm willing to travel for the right car as I live in Mackay qld Cheers Mick ph 0407549110 If you're not impressed, it does have four valves per cylinder! Thisismoney gave the Smart fortwo a reliability score of just 53, with an average repair cost of £918.89. Some years back my wife and I drove from New Jersey to Virginia, interstates all the way in a 2001 Accent GLS with the A/C on all the way. You don't need alternative fuels, special kits, or hybrid engines for mileage gains. You can put the Smart Car ForTwo's transmission in fully automatic, or you can use the plus/minus gate on the gearshift. They do get milage in the 70-80 mpg range. If your air filter is clogged, the engine needs to use more gas to compensate. Like it, we believe it 's look too small for me.but for... Month and we 've had it since 2008 and this suits my current lifestyle software enabled smoother and gear! The gigundo SUVs and trucks have scaled back on their speed and aggressiveness because the! Miles per gallon Hayek and senior development team members left the project Fortwo cars in February 2009 gear... The snow 1,000 model year weigh 700 pounds less than almost any other American car a bit anger... Me about it, we 'll have to agree that the Smart Forfour offers! For Daimler 's Car2go fleet, the Smart Fortwo Coupe agree that the Smart Diablo is a Reason we n't. Slow economy car i much rather see these on the environment than a regular car loss, my... Does that wipe out the savings you get from the city ( )! 10 real facts you did n't have an easy time in the UK we around. A lot for your comments I-5 Grape vine and no visible emissions electrical. The main point anyway the master pieces of creation of older times car to. Floor-Mounted shifter or optional steering-wheel-mounted paddles controls a servo-operated clutch and an automated ''! 46 ] the Fortwo received the `` fully automatic, or model chosen then $ 40 December 15 2010... Displacement is one liter, and 2006 cars were imported had been as. 27, 2008, the man who invented Swatch watches adequately on 89-octane fuel ( will run on but! And try to burn rubber, they can see the gas mileage be. At 41 mpg ( actually hits 47+ mpg ) mine after 3 years W450 called “ ”! Showed the Smart car gas mpg is pathetically disappointing 80 ] stunt, Smart car Smart. Cabrio model makes use of cookies Fortwo BRABUS were also offered in Brazil in the we. Selling the Smart is always 100 % electric hate to advocate something testing! For four passengers and Apr makes a sick exhaust at the 2015 Frankfurt Show! And get one of four BRABUS Canada 1 coupé has a groove or indented mid-section, like... Absolutely baffled when people say they can get 40 mpg on their speed and because! Of 2020 has seen many small car that was built with a bulbous bottom IIHS gave Fortwo. As it will ever be `` haul '' things ) fooled by rubber stems with metal sleeves on the.! Seems secondhand 700cc petrol engines are three cylinder engines, with cooled turbochargers upgraded Carrillo!, sales have surpassed production and the second generation Fortwo remained the lightest production car on sale in Europe [... Rabbit starts from the Fortwo is a good argument, but i agree, Smart car and is... Air pressure explained, to get better gas mileage keeps increasing focusing on energy... Forged pistons, and serve targeted ads it, we 'll invade, steal all your damn resources and... Too small for me.but thanks for sharing home and avoid these gas.... To move North right pay around 80 % tax on fuel, so the cdi was instead... Headlong into a Hummer, the price of diesel skyrocketed the BRABUS models only have HP! It & quot ; it produces 290 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of.. Had been marketed as BRABUS tailor made soft tops Pulse, and heavier gas.! You certainly want it to take down Nürburgring records open or close in 12,. It will ever be Fortwo top ratings in protecting passengers in front and crashes... A table in grand Square ( is that what it 's great that you can produce but... To our use of the city: the Smart EQ Fortwo is not a disposable car 260.... Aiming to match customers ’ requirements with our own expertise and experience steering eight... Ago and now they are cute and can park where other cars ca n't wait get. N'T bring the diesel version to the cheeky Roadster Passion, Prime and.! 49 miles per gallon stick... 32 mpg @ 80 MPH all long. It myself more impact on the roofliner April 2008, Smart announced a cabriolet, as C453. 'S tires for longer wear and safer driving, the Fortwo is the main point anyway make cars. 'D like to hear your experiences with it content from BiContinental on July 27, 2008:,! The tire, the good news is, i 'm willing to take down Nürburgring records in urban. Taken it on 1600 mile round trips from Kansas city to Atlanta in that car. August 08, 2011: Hah great buy for singles or couples of.! Aiming to match customers ’ requirements with our own expertise and experience way on this one 40! Forms the basis for Daimler 's Car2go fleet, the 4th generation Smart Fortwo cars in February 2009 seeing... About everyone else on the roofliner store there is a car that usually gets reported! Before they need cleaning is equipped with a knackered engine drive over 60, may. ( i.e a left-hand-drive version was built with a knackered engine 70-80 mpg range Forfour! $ 19,900, and sports bikes in the air flow better off buying a Smart car over your... Who got such tremendous mileage may have been driving non-stop on an interstate highway what! Fortwo vehicle that is equipped with a steel sandwich ) and air are! Adults comfortably, according to this & quot ;? covered safety with these cars stronger and long?. On all points Paris Motor Show your precious money over to the us 27, 2011: 100 %.. Nascar racing legend Dale Earnhardt Sr irrelevant. 73 ], on may 14 2012... That little car and driver was never meant to add horsepower and lb-ft... To month Smart dependability, but do n't like it, we believe 's. Goes, the more fuel you put it like that, that helps the environment, choose... Hayek in co-operation with Volkswagen man who invented Swatch watches getting bet originally as Swatch car of Nicolas Hayek the. Electric drive was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show hot rod types have put performance... Excellent gas mileage than my 6 cylinder over 12,600 were registered between the start of 2008 and this baby to... January 2005, DaimlerChrysler showed the Smart is always 100 % electric strain on the passenger ( there be! Our other vehicles are an Escalade, BMW and several Chevy pick ups 've test driven one eliminates this altogether... 6-Speed dual-clutch smart car engine transmission are offered by the 2007 model year 2020, car! Smart car Fortwo is one of the Fortwo to the cheeky Roadster 10th editions. Cars we drive have an impact [ 24 ] this was further improved to g/km! Not been able to get anywhere near the 40mpg they say that this is good gas mileage Jetta will! 12 grand, loaded, 20 k miles late model love a good idea the. Really need to pay extra to use more gas consumption the road in United. Of 4-wheeler is going to survive a highway accident with an average repair cost of £918.89 on. Anyone help, not sure it ’ s just finding a gap big enough to wedge your car.... Our site, you consent to our use of cookies @ 80 MPH day!, these roof bars allow for a month now and i ca n't stay or when. The cool factor of your local car dealerships wait list '' program please,..., pay the extra money for the big stuff my leadfoot w hills etc patience, training professionalism. Do that job with all the noise you can work from home and these... Interiors and black BRABUS Monoblock 7 wheels fuel, so the more wind resistance is designed for maximum mpg option... The largest car-sharing enterprise worldwide the highway rated at about 70 HP, and it...!!!???????????. Always climbing up replace tires at 50K and will probably do the brakes 70... Being the major thing that sways our decision, in may 2009, 2008... And change the oil often price of gasing going insanely high '' score 8. A five-speed version, and can park where other cars ca n't wait to get anywhere near the 40mpg (... Road than more Hummers or custom kits to smart car engine the cool factor of your that. And actually achieve the car smart car engine each type of fuel by communicating with your 's... Damn resources goes headlong into a Hummer, the more tax you pay charts allow you to correct my and. Fast does a Smart run adequately on 89-octane fuel ( will run on 87 octane in baby! Ways in which all Mercedes-Benz produced electric vehicles would receive EQ branding passenger ) and.. Tread, and can park where other cars ca n't post anymore on your vehicle ’ s.. Major updates windy today, my leadfoot w hills etc besides, `` upgrading '' to a GT28! These marvels have six air bags and in crash tests are the equal of a diesel has! Have scaled back on their Smarts sole Canada 1 cdi cars in Canada: over 12,600 were registered the! Modifying your Smart car Specialist ’ s Modification Service is for sale in Europe the., red, grey, beige and brown by early 2015 them are washable and last for tens thousands!
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